The 5 Energy Drink Armies of the Apocalypse

*In the voice of Dan LaFontaine (AKA Movie Announcer Guy)*

“The order of a world hangs on the edge of destruction. A world of sub-freezing temperatures well couche behind a glass door leading into the abyss outside of. One energy drink, a drink that has stood in disobedient to the passage of time in a raging American economy. A person energy drink holds its ground in the face of destruction.
Deterioration from the five most powerful energy drink armies known to man. Six armies so fierce, so large, that they shake in addition shelves they stand on. The sole energy drink ordinary spawned with the beginning of time itself now fights inside the eclipse of the Five Armies.

The Five Armies with Amp, Monster, Sobe, Rip-It, and Rockstar have all determined their way to the battlefield. Tradition will battle trend in the ultimate showdown. One will survive. One could fall. One lone energy drink blogger will probability it all. Risk it all to tell all as he ranges the results of the epic battle. What army will rule supreme and threaten the very nature of the current earth? Read on… or take cover. ”


This is Pepsi’s entry into the market. It started with the timeless and also irresistibly tasty original Amp. This was one of the first energy wines to break away from the standard energy drink flavor, and in hindsight was ahead of its time. Drink makers to this day have a hard time producing vitality drinks with such a wonderful better-than-soda flavor. The Ampere line quickly evolved with the addition of 5 other variations including a couple of recent tea additions. The line-up does not have a person bad tasting drink, but a lack of energy plagues everyone of them.

This drink line-up is one mean giant of taste, energy, tradition, and advertising power. The first Monster started out slow in the needy niche of the videogamer, but soon evolved into motor sports. Monster these days undeniably commands the motor sport genre, and has triumphed in over the hearts of many average energy drink consumers having a unique taste and impressive energy offerings. It’s difficult to not be intrigued by a can graphic of a monster inside of can clawing to get out. Monster’s popularity grew a significant amount as soon as it started finding its way out of LAN gaming sessions to more and more gas station shelves, along with soon added 4 other variations. Even more, Monster branched out extensively with their Java line-up to cater to the exact bean and tea lovers out there.

Pepsi simply just couldn’t get enough of the energy drink dollar along with the Amp lineup! So , shortly after gobbling up SoBe out of its original owners, they cranked out more electricity drinks under the SoBe name. The first, No Fear, appeared to be an instant hit with its no-bs grapefruit taste. This drink up picked a flavor direction, fully committed itself to barefoot, and nailed it. Energy in the SoBe line has been moderate, though, unfortunately. This seems to be a recurring topic with Pepsi. Obviously the SoBe line had Virtually no Fear, as its roster soon became incredibly deep. Included to the family were the Adrenaline Rush variants, sugar absolutely free versions, Gold, a promotional limited run Superman take, a couple Essential Energy variants, and the recent Super Vitality variants. In total, we’re talking 14 energy drinks from the history of SoBe. Currently, about 12 are available. The main No Fear cans are virtually non-existent and the Terme conseillé drink is long gone.

I have no idea where most of these drinks came from, it’s as if they flooded gas section coolers overnight. Unlike the other drink lines, this one didn’t start on a single successful drink and build up. This set hit the market with an exceptional variety that hundreds of other drink manufacturers are still struggling to achieve. Rip-It’s offerings are also different in the sense that each drink has its own highly unique (and enjoyable) taste, not just a special flavoring on top of a familiar taste framework. This is actually quite an uncommon feature in the majority of energy consume collections out there. Unfortunately, energy offerings are mediocre at the best. It is not uncommon to drink one of these drinks and feel next to nothing. To count the number of Rip-It flavors available you may just need to get a calculator out. This collection ties SoBe for extensive energy drink line-up known to man (Rockstar actually more or less makes it a three-way tie, read on). Know more about ヴォルスタービヨンドの効果

Opinion, this drink’s gimmicky name and associated slogans will be entirely lame. It seems as if the people behind the name of the beverage did not trust the average consumer’s ability to understand analogies with the concept of energy, and landed with Rockstar – which in turn conveniently comes packaged with a goody bag of painfully obvious cliché’s. “Gee guys. When I drink this take in I feel like I want to… I dunno it’s awesome It is my opinion I want to party! Ooh oohoooooh I know! I want to PARTY AS BEING A ROCKSTAR! Hahaha did you hear that? I totally just completed that connection on the fly! Ahh oh ooooh that’s hence cool because rockstars like, you know – get wild pumped up on life and totally bang all the popular chicks. This is awesome. “Ok, enough of my rant. I’ll get straight to the point – this drink can be coffee’s worst enemy. The original Rockstar was received rather well. It was a little late in the game, but it made a press release with its own take on flavor and energy; oh the particular! I’m telling you, the company behind Rockstar simply gets united states. The drinks that followed the original Rockstar, all 20 of them (PLUS some coffee flavors), each offered even more caffeine than any other drink collection has the guts that will. Some of the drinks may not be the tastiest out there, but they without doubt don’t gag you. But seriously, this drink catalog is the energy king.

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